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An easy-to-use tool for web scrape solutions (web data extracting, screen scraping) to scrape desired web content (text, url, image, html) from web pages just by few screen clicks. No programing required

Easy Web Extract is the best software for scraping data from millions of web pages in internet without sickly manual copy & paste.
Our web data extractor can automate extracting web pages for structured data listed basing on any pattern and export them to multiple data formats for both offline and online purposes.
Easy Web Extract crawls all page links which must be satisfied pre-defined crawling rules to ignore unexpected data and optimize the performance
After web scraping, extracted web data are exported to database (Access, MySQL, MSSQL), files (text, spreadsheet) or supplied content for other websites.


Easy Web Extract offers three simple steps of web scraping to extract web data from any websites

Three steps to extract web data by Easy Web Extract
Data Pattern Specifying - Select the first data row or repeated HTML regions which contain the web scraping data and select the crawl rules for next data pages. Support link to detail page to extract more detail information.

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Automate Scraping Data - Crawl all web pages upon crawl rules to extract data from multi-data-integrated web pages  basing on specified Data Pattern. During extracting process, extracted data can be transformed (Uppercase, Lowercase, Split into multi parts, ...) if transformation scripts are defined.

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Export Extracted Data - After page scraping, extracted content can be exported to files (cvs, text, html, xml) or database scripts (Access, MsSQL, MySql) or ODBC Data Sources or submited directly  to another content management system.

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Why Web Data Extractor?

  • Our screen scraping tool can be used for extracting information from e-commerce websites such as product name, product features, price and images. After all, our website ripper exports them to a report file or database.
  • Easy Web Extract can be figured to extract stock data for analization or re-publish to another website. 
  • Our web page extractor is also employed to extract web data from business directory website, online competition price list extraction for making marketing plan.
  • Moreover, Easy Web Extract can extract any regular data from any website with single mouse click and point & click screen scraping

In consequences, our web data extractor called "Easy Web Extract" is developed for automatically screen scraping from targeted sites and delivers extracted content to diverse output formats with a touch of a button, never simpler!

Take a tour

web data extractor main layout
The shortest way to understand and visualize about Easy Web Extract UI and functions. 

web data extractor video tutorial
Tutorial Videos
Watch how easily to use Easy Web Extract to extract data and export extracted web data with sample videos

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Easy Web Extract v3.1

Windows OS: 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Win7, Win8
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Note: Easy Web Extract require .NET frameworks 2.0 and IE 8.0 or above to run. The installer will automatically download and install it if it was not installed in your PC.

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Version History

v2.5 (released 07.10.2011)

 - Support unlimited multi-level extracting
 - Support Ajax/Javascript-based content extracting
 - Support 'Next Page Button' & 'Next Page Link' to navigate page by page 
- Executing project for update data (new smart extracting scheme for searching new added data records)
 - Fix some bugs during extracting pattern defining

v2.1 (released 1.2.2011)

- Support crawling  JavaScript redirect URL
- Add Extract Clues (Text contains & HTML Code contains)
- Metadata: Page Title, Datetime, Page URL
- Quick transformation preset functions
- Update help file
- Fix bugs: Max. Level, Filter data export, extracting timeout...

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