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  Easy Web Extract v3.1
Windows OS: 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, Win7, Win8.x
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The trial versions are fully functional for 14 days, except for one thing: the maximum number of extracted data record is 200.
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Note: Easy Web Extract require .NET frameworks 2.0 and Internet Explorer 9.0 or above to run.

Easy Web Extract Installer will automatically download and install it during installing if necessary.

If you are downloading an upgrade of Easy Web Extract, please read the change logs 

Version History

  v2.6 (released 08.16.2011)

      - Extract local saved image file name for image type column & "add prefix & subfix" tranformation script
      - Support auto-saving application layout properties (window size, position...)   
      - Fix thread timeout pending bug      
      - Fix bugs while previewing successfully but extracting no data while executing project
      - Fix other minor bugs

  v2.5.1 (released 07.24.2011)

      - Fix bugs while crawling some javascript/ajax next pages
      - Fix bug about empty Machine ID
v2.5 (released 07.10.2011)

   - Support unlimited multi-level extracting
   - Support Ajax/Javascript-based content extracting
   - Support 'Next Page Button' & 'Next Page Link' to navigate page by page 
   - Executing project for update data (new smart extracting scheme for searching new added data records)
   - Fix some bugs during extracting pattern defining

v2.1 (released 01.02.2011)

 - Support crawling  JavaScript redirect URL
 - Add Extract Clues (Text contains & HTML Code contains)
 - Metadata: Page Title, Datetime, Page URL
 - Quick transformation preset functions
 - Update help file
 - Fix bugs: Max. Level, Filter data export, extracting timeout...

v2.0 (released 09.01.2010)

- Change name to Easy Web Extract
- Memory optimazation
- Easier Data Pattern Specifying
- 2  levels extracting (list & detail pages)
- Simple Crawl Rule for next page urls
- Extracting interval option
- Iterations for fail tasks option
- Fix minor bugs

 v1.33 (released 05.10.2010)

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