Easy Web Extract vs other Web Scrapers


What differentiate Easy Web Extract from other Web Scrapers?

1. Fitting any web scraping budget

In market, some of web scraping services require subscriptions and charge you on how much data you scraped in a month. Some of web scraping companies offer time-limited licenses to charge you yearly. You may also find some costly life-time licenses from other suppliers. Contrarily, Web2mine offer you the best economical life-time license from only $59.9. It would fit any budget for a robust and reliable web scraping service. If you order bundle of licenses, you will even get more benefits from our discount package.

2. Robust multi-process scraping tool

As you know, web scraping tools consume a lot of resource for downloading, rending and scraping data from a raw HTML page. To scrape web information from thousands of web pages will make any web scraper become covetous of resource. Consequently, your system become sluggish and uncontrollable. All scraped results might lost if the application crashed. Therefore, Easy Web Extract separates scraping task into two processes: main process and scraping process. This separation not only boosts scraping performance but
also control how much resource are allocated for scraping processes. If web scraping process is crashed by any reason, the main process which contains scraped results is still alive and nothing is lost.

3. All web scraping tasks are logged

As usal, web scraper doesn't allow user to manage done scraping tasks/urls. That means users can't re-executed a failed task as an attempt. If a scraping process is failed at the middle, users have to scrape again from the first task/url. With Easy Web Extract, all web scraping tasks are logged. You can stop executing your project today and resume it later
even though the computer is turned off. When some tasks are failed, you can give them an attempt.

Easy Web Extract has more and more great features waiting for your exploration.


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