What is Easy Web Extract?

An easy-to-use web scraping tool to extract content (text, url, image, files) from web pages and transform results into multiple formats just by few screen clicks. No programing required.

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  • No more sickly manual copy & paste

    Free yourself to save your money from several tiring hours of copy-and-paste web content from thousands of pages.  Easy Web Extract is the best web scraper software for web data extraction fitting to any demand. Our web scraper does extracting any listed information in any pattern and then you can export scraped results to multiple data formats for both offline and online purposes
  • How Easy Web Extractor works?

    You can create a web scaping project in three simple steps:
    - Web Data Pattern Specifying: Define what & where you want to scrape
    - Automate Scraping Web Data: The scraper itself finds proper urls and extracts information based on the data pattern
    - Export Scraped Data: Save scraped results to files (cvs, xml) or DB (MSSQL, MySql) or submited to another website
  • Professional support

    We provide lifetime support for all customers. Therefore, you can immediately submit any inquiry about our Easy Web Extractor or web scraping problem to our professional ticket system. Our support system seamlessly is able to route inquiries created via email and web-forms. The follow of tickets will help all of us to trace and resolve any scraping problem effectively.
  • More features...

Why do you need our web scraper ?

  • Our web scraper can harvest web data such as product name, product features, price and images from e-commerce websites. Scraped results can be posted to your website or created product price comparision solution
  • Easy Web Extract can be configured to extract live stock data for analization or re-publish to another website.
  • Our web extractor is utilized to scrape company information from business directory websites or personal information from yellow pages
  • Researchers can use our web scraper to collect movie comments, book reviews or wiki content for information retrival.
  • And more and more web scraping scenarios that our web scraper can be employed